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Athlete since my childhood, I have chained various disciplines: football, handball, basketball, and finally marathon races. All these sports activities made me sweat a lot 😥. To this day, I sweat quite easily with the slightest physical exertion. 

What could be more natural than to sweat in the middle of a sports activity, however it is sometimes embarrassing, concerning me, to sweat in society, in particular when the effects of my sweating are visible.

I realized one day that there are several answers to managing my sweat and body heat:

  1. learn to listen to my body in order to understand its limits and adapt my water and nutrient needs
  2. Wear suitable clothing, made with quality technical fabrics, breathable, quick-drying, tempering body heat and designed with anti-chafing seams, etc.

In 2015, I patented in France the first anti-halo t-shirt of the brand DAYDRY which made it possible to avoid the halos visible under the armpits. The t-shirt has been a big hit with anyone who cares about their appearance at work, on the go, at parties or at home.

The first antiperspirant boxer, anti-trace and anti-friction was born in 2017 in response to the need of a client who had explained to me by telephone his problem of perspiration and recurring irritation in the groin area. When the boxers came out and when they were marketed, it was a great surprise to find that this subject concerned a large number of people, sporty or not.

Today, I am preparing the release of several clothing lines: casual, sport, walking, trekking, hiking, travel, urban city. An ambition to offer clothing made with various technical fabrics, designed and designed to allow us to adapt more easily to the climate of today and tomorrow, whether it is very hot or less hot...🌞

M. B



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